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Ciberseguridad, Crypto & Blockchain

Pioneers in providing legal services on blockchain, crypto-assets, and the launch of cryptocurrencies.

New technologies & RGPD

We specialize in new technologies, data protection, and electronic commerce.

Financial & Banking

We accompany our clients in bankruptcy processes, financing, or investment rounds.

Corporate & Mercantile

We provide comprehensive legal advice to companies, from their creation to strategic agreements.

Pactaria Legal

A New Way of Understanding Law

At PACTARIA LEGAL, we specialize in providing business legal services, with special attention to legal advice on banking and financing, technological startups, and internationalization of companies.

The legal profession is constantly evolving. Therefore, we offer our clients a new way of understanding Law, with high-level advice based on flexibility, new technologies, and the remote provision of our services.

At PACTARIA LEGAL, we believe that the key to success in representing our clients lies in understanding their needs and objectives, as well as having a deep knowledge of the industry in which they operate.

For this reason, we always work closely with our clients to ensure that our legal advice is fully aligned with their business goals and market trends.

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